Our Herd Is Growing!!

Our Herd Is Growing!!
Hi Everyone!- 

I am writing to you today bright and early- before a farm fresh breakfast!

We have been having our farm fresh bacon that we got from the butcher last week- and it is AMAZING!

It is not chewy- and it is not overly salty- which is awesome. You can really enjoy the taste of some great bacon.

And our dogs love it as well :) 

They are very excited for each meal when we put a few strips as a treat! After all, who does not love pasture raised pork and farm-fresh bacon!

A good breakfast today is key for a few reasons.

1. It is cold! 30 Degrees!
2. We have had a busy day- as last night be brought 5-new calves to the farm.
3. Today, we are picking up 18-head of cattle from our neighbor who is getting a bit too old to be a cattleman- so he wants to pass the. torch to us!

WE are so grateful and thrilled to be able to carry on Jerry's legacy!

So in just a few hours, Rick, our great transporter and farm friend will be here with the truck to go get them.

And one of these new additions includes a new bull named Patrick- we are going to call him Patrick "The Irish" Bull..


He is such a beauty. He has a little patch of blonde hair on his head that makes him very unique!

It is always great fun to watch the herd grow- and many of the 11 female cows that are coming are bred- so that means in just a few months, we will start seeing some of Patrick's calves hitting the ground.

Anyway, I am sure you can feel just how excited we are about all of this!

What makes farm living so cool is that there is a perpetual life-cycle....

Each week we are bringing great meats to people and raising up cattle, pigs, and chickens...

Nothing better- especially with all the crap going on in the World- the farm is a place of relaxation, work, and old school American spirit!

Well that is the update for today!

Next week we will have pictures of the new crew for you to see!

Lastly, we are finishing our Fall Meat share and will be done with our meats until late Spring after our next round of cows heading to the butcher on December 21st!

Lauren made a roast this week that incredible- you could cut the meat with a fork.....

So, if you are interested in Beef or Pork, you can order by 
clicking here.

Make today a win!

Ok- see ya next week!

Your Farmers,

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