Picking Up The Pork!

Picking Up The Pork!

Hi Everyone!- 

Today is a big day for us! We are headed to the butcher to pick up our pork!

The butcher said the cuts look amazing and that they are going to taste fantastic!

That means some fresh off-the-farm bacon for breakfast tomorrow!

We have at the farm currently about 55 pigs- and they are a lot of fun.

Filled with energy and personality- they are actually a fan favorite for anyone who stops by for a farm tour to see!

They are fed nothing but clean, high mineral supplement and eat off of our pastures!

In fact, they have been doing a little too much eating off the pasture that they are infringing on the cows (which means we need a hotter fence to keep them in!).

Our butcher makes some awesome breakfast sausage as well- which is always a fan favorite!

As things start to get a bit colder at the farm and as daylight savings kicks our butt, we have been spending a lot of time getting the barn cleaned and ready for winter, spreading hay on the fields for the cows, and making sure the chickens are ready for less time on pasture on more time indoors.

And on the topic of daylight savings- they blame farmers, but farmers do not like it either!

Anyway, back to the chicks...

We keep the chicks in a little later and bring them in a little earlier because the cold ground can give them some frost-bite and since there is less food supply- the chance for predators increases at night.

So, they are safer inside.

Also, our chicks are starting to get white feathers!

We have been raising our meat birds for the last 3-week and they are really getting BIG!

As for weekend plans- have some final first round meat-pickups at the farm this weekend and then we will be focused on our last round of meat-shares to finish up this year. 

We still have a FEW shares of Grass-Fed Beef left from this years Fall Meat Share program! 

If you want to order a share from our late Fall Meat Share- you can click here!

Well, that is our update and I will take some pics of the pork for you to see next week in case some of you are looking for some fresh pork!

Gotta start the truck and head to the butcher!
It is going to be a great day!!

Make today a win!

Ok- see ya next week!

Your Farmers,

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