The MEAT Has Arrived!

The MEAT Has Arrived!

Hi Everyone!- 

Well, this was the week we were waiting for! 
The MEAT has arrived!

And yesterday we had some of our first pick-ups at the farm!

We had Marv and his family back to the farm to pick up their meats...

And Peter from New Jersey came up with his wife and kids to get their meat and do a farm tour...

His kids watched us feed the pigs, they met the chicks, and even fed the pigs some of our eggs!

It was a great day and it is so special for Lauren and I to meet our customers and introduce them to the farm...

And what is better than knowing your farmer, knowing where you meats come from and seeing how the animals are raised!


I showed Peter the color difference in our meat vs. the store bought stuff...


And many times, the store bought meat has a little gray tint to it, especially the ground beef. That is because they often hit it with a gas to keep meat preserved and fresher longer...

Well all of those types of processes change your meat and take away taste and quality...

Also, an update on the chicks...
Our Meat Birds are getting big and growing each day...

They have handled the 25 degree nights here at the farm well and are doing great eating over a tub of organic feed each day!

So, if you would like to order a chicken or two or three, you can do so by clicking here.

And the last update is this...
The pigs have gone on to the butcher so our pork will be ready in just about 2 weeks!

If you have any last minute plans to order your pasture-raised pork, you can order here.

All is coming together here at the farm and everyone is really enjoying things. Most of our meat-share customers are actually first timers this year..

But they realize with pricing at stores and limitations in food supply they can have access to meats by purchasing directly from the farm.

This is how it was done way back and when and we are working to keep that alive!

So, thank you all for being a part of our little farm community!

And, Bullet our dog has been staying local to the farm all week- no attempts to run away like last week!

Also, we still have a FEW shares of Grass-Fed Beef left from this years Fall Meat Share program! 

If you want to order a share from our late Fall Meat Share- you can click here!

Well, that is this weeks farm update!

We look forward to another great week at the farm and meeting some more of you who are picking up your meats today!

Ok- see ya next week!

Your Farmers,


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  1. avatar Celeste Mollica says:

    Hi Dana! So happy to see you enjoying your farm! How do I order? I’d love to place an order for different items.

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