It is Freezing!!

It is Freezing!!

Hi Everyone!-

WOW! It has been absolutely freezing!! Throughout this week, we have made so many trips to The Tractor Supply to buy everything from dog bowls with heaters, to hot pads to keep the chicken water from melting, and even heat tape to prevent the pipes from freezing in the barn!

It is wild.

We have never experienced cold like this before!

To see the temps at -5 to -20 with the wind is nuts. When we go out and see the cows, they have icicles on them!

But we are making the best of it! Thank goodness our farmhand Aaron is out there making sure the cows are fully stocked on hay as this weather can really cause them to lose weight!

We are expecting quite a bit of snow tonight- but this is an exciting week because we are supposed to be picking up all of the meat from our late Fall Meat share from the butcher!

That means many of our customers will have farm fresh beef and pork to get them through the winter!

This is always one of our favorite times because we get to meet new customers- and, we take so much pride in the meat they will enjoy with their families!

In a crazy way, we become a part of their family as they enjoy Freedom Farm meats!

Our pigs are growing really nicely- and our sows are bred and ready have some winter litters in the next 6-8 weeks!

Never a dull moment at the farm!

Ok- well, that the update this week!!

Stay safe. Stay warm!

Your Farmers,

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