More Calves & Happy Birthday Rocco!

More Calves & Happy Birthday Rocco!

Hi Everyone!- 

We are so excited- the pastures are finally clear and free from snow!

That means the cows get roam and start picking at the grass instead of just their portions of daily hay.

Speaking of roaming around, a few of our MAMA COWS started roaming on their own towards the edges of the pastures and into the woods- this a clear sign that they are ready to give birth.

Very rarely do you see a mother cow have her baby in the middle of a group of cows- which makes it very easy for us to spot her and see that birthing is near.

When our cows give birth, we like to be there. Aaron has been with them all the time this season making sure everything goes well- and up until this week it did.

Unfortunately, one of our calves this week did not make it. His feet were stuck and he was wedged in a way that he could not make it out.

When this happens, we have to assist. Aaron and Vincent were there to assist- unfortunately it was not enough.

This happens on farms- life is very precious and we were all really sad to deal with this- but just a few hours later, another (2) calves were born.

One as recent as last night.

We love our cows. It takes them 9-months before they are ready to give birth, so the day that moment comes is one of excitement and joy.

This year our Meat-Share Program for both Beef & Pork is filling up nicely- so we will be raising and harvesting extra Cows and Pigs this year so you can get the most fresh, off-the-farm meats possible!

We even have about 100 meat-birds coming to the farm in late May!

If you are interested in us custom growing Beef, Pork, or Chicken, you can reserve your shares below! (and we are really grateful for you supporting your local farm/ farmers).

Click here to reserve your beef share!

Click here to reserve your pork share!

Click here to reserve your chicken share!

Well- Thats the update this week!! 

We have some young calves to attend to!

Stay safe. Enjoy your weekend!

Your Farmers,

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