Hi Everyone!-

We hope you had an awesome week!

This week was another busy week of trips to the butcher and getting meat to customers for us!

There is nothing better than having our customers come to experience the farm!

In just a few weeks, many of our customers will be coming to the farm for the 1st, Annual Freedom-Fest!

*I know last week some had issues with the link and RSVP'ing, but it is fixed so please RSVP if you would like to come!

Bring your friends, bring your family! It is going to be a lot of fun!


Today, we are going to be processing 100 chickens to fill our chicken orders...

And hopefully this week we will be moving our Thanksgiving Turkey's out to the pasture so they can really start growing! We offer Turkey's from 10-25lbs!

If you are thinking of ordering a Thanksgiving Turkey from us this year, we have about 25 left.

Order a Thanksgiving Turkey.

As for pork, we have about 8-pigs available for this season and the same for cows!

And, if you have not gotten your meat orders in yet, for beef, pork, chicken, and/or Thanksgiving Turkey, now is the time to get those orders in!

We are now filling orders for mid-late September!

Order beef.

Order pork.

Order chicken.

OK- have an amazing weekend!

Thanks again for supporting small farms and your local farmers.

Your Farmers,

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